Permanent Residence

In 2010 Canada welcomed 280,000 new permanent residents. Canada has many different programs through which you may qualify as a permanent resident. You may already have a good idea of which program will be best for you, or if you don't, Immigration Care can advise you.

Below you will find a brief overview of various programs. Fill out the online assessment form or contact Immigration Care to find out more about a specific program or to find out which may be best for you.

Federal Skilled Trades Program

Canada's brand new permanent residency program! 3000 applicants to be accepted in 2013. Eligible applicants must demonstrate at least 24 months of work experience in the past 5 years in one of the eligible occupations, language proficiency and a Canadian job offer or registration with the appicable provincial authority. Contact Immigration Care for more information.

Federal Skilled Worker

This program is currently being reviewed and the new program is expected to re-open in May 2013. You can still apply under this program if you have a Canadian job offer. You must have at least 1 year of skilled experience and score at least 67/100 points in total on 6 different elements: education, language ability, work experience, age, arranged employment and adaptability.

Canadian Experience Class

You are required to have 2 years (to be changed to 1 year) of full time skilled Canadian work experience or 1 year if you have also completed a Canadian post secondary qualification and score a set proficiency on an English or French language test to qualify under this program. This program is popular with those who do not have enough points under the FSW or are unable to apply under AINP.

It is expected that the minimal requirement of 1 year full time skilled Canadian work experience will take effect in early 2013.

Humanitarian & Compassionate grounds

This program is intended for those who are in Canada and do not qualify under any of the other programs. You must be able to demonstrate that you would endure unusual and undeserved or disproportionate hardship if you were required to leave Canada and apply for permanent residency from your home country.

Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program

This program consists of various streams. The strategic recruitment stream is intended for tradespersons and engineers. The employer driven stream is primarily designed for skilled workers, international graduates and with very specific parameters for semi skilled workers employed in the F&B processing, hotel and lodging, manufacturing, long-haul trucking and food service industries. There is also a self employed farmers stream. 

Immigration Care can also advise you on your application under other Canadian provincial nominee programs.

Family Sponsorship

This category is intended for those who wish to sponsor their spouse, common-law partner, dependent child, parent, grandparent or orphaned niece or nephew. Depending on the type of relative the sponsor's income levels will be assessed and the relative's medical, security, criminal background and the basis of the relationship will be verified. The sponsor will be required to sign an undertaking. Processing times vary greatly in this category, this is typically the fastest perament residency route for dependent children and spouses or common law partners.

Other Programs

Please contact Immigration Care to find out more about other available programs that may not have been discussed in detail, such as the Investor and Entrepreneur categories, the Live-in Caregiver program and the refugees and protected persons category.

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